ArcPad Studio - with Enterprise Management Tricks & Tips

This 2 day class is a must for ArcPad power users and Mobile GIS administrators wanting to maximize the success of their Mobile GIS projects by harnessing the customization capabilities of ArcPad 10.

Day 1: Introduction to ArcPad 10 workflows and ArcPad Studio

  • ArcPad 10 workflows and files.
  • Configuring ArcPad’s base tools and toolbars and arranging them for maximum productivity.
  • Configuring and deploying preferences.
  • Data check out and check in workflows using the ArcPad 8 Data Manager extension.
  • Symbology, colors, labeling, size of datasets and other deployment considerations.
  • Introduction to ArcPad Studio 10.
  • Using ArcPad Studio in “Expert Mode” and troubleshooting AXF files.
  • Creating data entry and query forms using ArcPad Studio 10.
  • Applying “templates” to efficiently re-use custom forms and scripts.

Day 2: Advanced Customization and Scripting with ArcPad Studio

  • Introduction to scripting with the ArcPad object model.
  • Creating applets and custom tools in ArcPad Studio.
  • Automatically populating forms and tables with scripts.
  • Authenticating users with login forms and validating user input.
  • Enhancing forms and tools with scripts using ArcPad Studio and the ArcPad Object Model.
  • Class project – putting it all together to develop and deploy a custom ArcPad 10 application.