Project Summaries

GeoMobile Innovations Mobile GIS Project Summaries

City of Burien, WA: Delivered custom ArcPad application Street sign monitored using GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology as an Applet and Extension, integrating a Road Vista Retro‐Reflectometer with ArcPad 8 and customer geodatabase to assist in automation of the City’s sign inventory and sign reflectivity assessment effort.

Central Lincoln Public Utility District (Newport, OR): Customized ArcPad application integrating Customer Utility Inspection conducted using GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology Information System meter information allowing staff to efficiently collect positional information (via GPS and Laser Rangefinders) for a district‐wide meter inventory. Trained staff in application usage and provided support.

City of Portland, OR: Existing contract to provide City of Portland, Bureau of Transportation on-call ArcPad Conducting street survey work using GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology Mobile GIS software development and consulting services. Projects include custom development and consulting for data collection efforts required for City street pavement rating, guard rail inspection and inventories of other City assets. Street pavement incorporates round trip work flow for collection and migration of data to both GIS and external pavement management software.

Northwest Habitat (Corvallis, OR), EPA, USFWS, et al. : Developed “VEMA Mobile,” Northwest Habitat Institute research conducted using GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology to complement VEMA, a desktop vegetation management database written in MS Access. VEMA Mobile allows all site data to be harvested and verified directly in the field at the time of collection and integrates with GPS receivers to link a spatial component to the data. After recording field observations, users sync the site data back to the desktop via GeoMobile Innovations’ desktop manager, and immediately run performance reports on the site – saving countless hours of entry and calculation time.

Oregon State University Extension Family and Community Health GROW HKC: GeoMobile implemented a digital photo and route transfer Grow Healthy Kids and Communities monitored using GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology and packaging application and the GeoMobile GeoPhoto Data Processing tool for ArcGIS Desktop for the GROW HKC (Generating Rural Options for Weight-Healthy Kids and Communities) program. Assisted by this technology, HKC GROW (through a grant from NIFAUSDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture) assesses trends and is developing a plan to prevent obesity among rural children. The initial system includes deployment of 100 Garmin Oregon 500 GPS/camera devices.

Santa Clara Valley Water District (Santa Clara, CA): GeoMobile provides ArcPad and business system development consulting, Geodatabase design, ArcPad/GPS/GIS training and applet development for district asset inventory efforts and other applications.

Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc. (Owensboro, KY): Mobile GIS project to enable customer to assess High Consequence Areas (HCA) along pipelines. Configured and deployed ArcGIS Mobile application with Laser rangefinder and custom data integration. GeoMobile developed a standalone structure inventory application for Tablet PCs using ArcGIS Mobile SDK.

Washington State Department of Transportation (Olympia, WA): GeoMobile provides workflow GPS/GIS consulting, ArcPad software development augmentation and training to WSDOT’s existing ArcPad stormwater asset project.

References for these projects are available upon request.