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Now Enhanced with more GNSS attributes!!

GeoBullseye for ArcPad is a robust software extension that turns ArcPad into the only high accuracy GNSS , three dimensional (collecting XY and Z) solution supporting Esri workflows. Defend your GNSS results! The GeoBullseye for ArcPad extension provides the tools for enhanced visual GNSS accuracy and status display within your Mobile GIS.

Key features include:

Visual accuracy display gives you confidence about GNSS sessions in the field.  Enhanced visual GNSS status display DIRECTLY at the map level!  View correction status, estimated accuracy – horizontal and vertical.

Store GPS/GNSS quality indicators as GIS attributes in your shapefile or geodatabase.  Store attributes for accuracy, DOPs, DGPS status, GPS datum and more!  Automated collection – ready for review/filtering and reporting in GIS.

Built in National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Geoid 12a modelGSF (Geoid Separation File) support for custom and international Geoid models  Calculated “on the fly” position by position. Configurable antenna height adjustment.

Click below for more information or to download the software. A full featured trial mode is available (20 each 20 minute intervals). Try it now! You will first need ArcPad 10 installed on your device.

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Geomobile Innovations Software Bullseye Ring

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