GNSS Receiver Accuracy Testing

Posted On: July 12

We have put the most popular GPS/GNSS devices and receivers to the test using ESRI Collector app and a smartphone. Our tests include a streaming line through Central Park in Corvallis, Oregon and a point accuracy test at an established NGS Monument in Corvallis, Oregon. Check out our results using the web map applications below.

Here are the results from our tests in Central Park:

Here are the results from our Control Point/Monument tests:

At GeoMobile, we continue to research and test the latest hardware and software options in the Mobile GIS Landscape. Some of the data that we gather during our testing is collected through the ESRI Collector app. The map below is what we like to call our “sandbox” – this data is not tied to any particular project but gives us a great place to demonstrate the data collection workflow during consultations and trainings.

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