GeoMobile releases GeoBullseye for ArcPad - Version 2!

Posted On: May 10

*****FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 10, 2016*****

GeoMobile Innovations Introduces “GeoBullseye for ArcPad – Version2 ”

The 3D (XYZ) RTK GNSS solution for Esri Workflows

Version 2 enhanced for more GNSS indicators and meta data attributes, additional geoid support including GEOID 12A MSL support

Rich Ash –
GeoMobile Innovations –
Tel: 541-754-3488

(Corvallis, OR) GeoMobile Innovations announces the release of GeoBullseye for ArcPad – Version 2, a software extension that turns Esri’s ArcPad mobile GIS software into the only high-accuracy GNSS, three dimensional (collecting XY and Z) solution supporting Esri workflows.

Priced economically at $295.00, GeoBullseye for ArcPad provides functionality requested by high accuracy Mobile GIS users of precise real-time mapping grade and RTK centimeter based GNSS equipment working in today’s disconnected and connected Esri workflows.

Link to a PDF copy of the entire GeoBullseye Version 2 Press Release here.

Link direct to the GeoBullseye for ArcPad Product page for more information and to download the data sheet or to download the software for evaluation or purchase.

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