GeoBullseye for ArcPad - Press Release

Posted On: February 27


GeoMobile Innovations Introduces “GeoBullseye for ArcPad”

Features high accuracy GNSS indicators, meta data attributes, Geoid12a MSL support

Rich Ash –
GeoMobile Innovations –
456 SW Monroe Ave., Suite 108
Corvallis, OR 97333 USA
Tel: 541 754-3488

Mobile GIS expert and application solutions provider GeoMobile Innovations introduces GeoBullseye for ArcPad, a robust set of accuracy based tools for real-time high-precision GPS/GNSS receivers users of ArcPad 10.

Priced economically at $195.00, GeoBullseye for ArcPad provides functionality requested by high accuracy Mobile GIS users of precise real-time mapping grade and RTK centimeter based GNSS equipment. GeoBullseye release coincides with the increased market adoption and demand for high precision GIS data collection and emphasis on real-time data collection in lieu of post-processing workflows.

The toolkit provides enhanced real-time map level visual accuracy and GNSS indicators AND supports built in storage of key GNSS meta data as attributes including accuracy (estimated error), standard deviation, dilution of precision (DOP) and real-time correction results. “GeoBullseye for ArcPad is a solution for the many Mobile GIS users craving effective use of the many real-time high accuracy GNSS receivers now flooding the market. We are hearing about and encountering high-precision GIS users who are struggling with issues such as attributing high accuracy GPS data and applying accurate coordinate transformations in real-time”, says Richard Ash, President of GeoMobile Innovations. “GeoBullsye for ArcPad solves a number of GNSS accuracy related problems that has plagued high-precision GIS users.”

GeoBullseye supports key on the fly positioning adjustments allowing NAD83 datum mappers to realize the full potential of their high accuracy GNSS devices directly within the ArcPad environment. The software increases horizontal accuracy results of Mobile GIS GNSS implementations in some cases as much as a meter or more. Furthermore, it implements Geoid 12a support answering the request of ArcPad users requesting in field Mean Sea Level (MSL) based elevations rather than GPS based Height Above Ellipsoid. Via application of a rigorous 14 parameter transformation based on formulas published by National Geodetic Survey (NGS) , GeoBullseye specifically solves the horizontal datum transformation challenge faced by GPS WAAS users as well as high-precision, commercial SBAS services like OmniSTAR, Terrstar, and Starfire. Those services produce coordinates that are referenced to the ITRF (usually 2008) datum, which is substantially different (greater than 1 meter) from NAD83/2011, the national standard in the U.S and the current horizontal datum supported by the U.S. National Geodetic Survey (NGS).

Information on GeoBullseye and download for a free trial of the extension is available at

About GeoMobile Innovations

GeoMobile Innovations Inc., located in Corvallis, Oregon USA since 2008, has years of experience in field collection to office data workflow projects, with a forte in high quality Mobile GIS application development for ArcPad, ArcGIS Mobile and ArcGIS smartphone runtime deployments. GeoMobile are experts in integrating Mobile GIS solutions with GNSS receivers, laser range finders and other external sensors for which we partner with industry leading suppliers for distribution to our clients. GeoMobile is the developer and owner of GeoBullseye for ArcPad and the LaserGIS for ArcPad mapping extensions as well as the GeoSnap Photo Mapping Inventory tool. An ESRI Business Partner (reseller, developer, and consultant), GeoMobile’s mission is to work as a partner with clients, empowering them to improve return on investment by implementing quality Mobile GIS and field data collection solutions.

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