Custom GeoMobile Laser Rangefinder Applications and Expertise

Leveraging on the years of experience in building our LaserGIS mapping toolkit, GeoMobile has compiled a rich library of automated tools, routines and data collection know-how for laser-based GIS mapping and data collection . We can incorporate this technology and knowledge base to customized mobile applications implementing specialized mapping workflows and automated capture of key laser measurement data such as distances, heights, slopes, elevations, angle of approach and more.

  • Unique Workflows
    GeoMobile has assisted many organizations with custom laser mapping functionality in their deployments to improve safety, efficiency and confidence. For example, GeoMobile implemented a custom ArcGIS Mobile application enabling Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline to assess High Consequence Areas (HCA) using lasers and tablets PCs. The Central Lincoln Public Utility District required a specialized application blending Mobile GIS tools with their Customer Information System to conduct a district-wide meter inventory; GeoMobile furnished a total solution.

Do you have a custom application requirement or need assistance to implement laser range finder tools into your existing application? Contact GeoMobile today to discuss your project.