LaserGIS – Offset mapping with or without GPS

Augment your GNSS mapping in tough conditions by remote shooting distance and angle offsets with our streamlined LaserGIS laser range finder solutions. When projects demand efficiency in rough terrain our systems are designed to allow you to capture key measurement attributes such as heights, slopes and distances. If you have a custom application that can benefit from laser range finder implementation, talk to us about a custom integration. No one has more experience in integrating laser range finders into Mobile GIS data collection workflows.

LaserGIS Solutions:

Laser GIS GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology

LaserGIS Portfolio

Our LaserGIS portfolio includes a variety of laser offset hardware as well as compass and azimuth based systems. We offer LTI laser range finder products including the TruPulse 360B/R, TruPulse 200R/L/B, RD100, and also angle encoders. We provide laser hardware options for any workflow. If your project requires particular laser needs such as, accuracy, compass integration or modularity, price or OS compatibility; we have your answer.

Custom GeoMobile Laser Rangefinder Applications and Expertise

Leveraging on the years of experience in building our LaserGIS mapping toolkit, GeoMobile has compiled a rich library of automated tools, routines and data collection know-how for laser-based GIS mapping and data collection . We can incorporate this technology and knowledge base to customized mobile applications implementing specialized mapping workflows and automated capture of key laser measurement data such as distances, heights, slopes, elevations, angle of approach and more.

Do you have a custom application requirement or need assistance to implement laser range finder tools into your existing application? Contact GeoMobile today to discuss your project.