GeoSnap Photo Inventory Tool

Garmin Device Taking Photo GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology

Our GeoSnap photo inventory solution combines the simplicity and economy of a recreational GPS/camera system with the power of GIS and mapping. Designed to be used with minimal training, you can quickly mobilize your staff or community volunteer force to capture geo-referenced photos (and associated routes). Then, let the GeoMobile GeoSnap photo inventory tool automatically feed all of this rich visual photo data into ESRI ArcGIS or Google Earth!

GeoSnap Solutions:

GeoSnap Applications

Being able to link a picture to its location and navigation route on a map gives you a powerful tool with countless uses. Unfortunately, the complexity and cost has made this prohibitive – until now. There are many applications that we have seen this tool provide utility, here are a few we like to mention:

  • Invasive species spotting
  • Asset Inspection
  • Community Studies
  • Parks/Trail Mapping
  • Education
  • Pre-mission Scouting

GeoSnap is Affordable and Easy to Learn!

GeoSnap is intended to be a tool that requires little instruction. It’s great for volunteer efforts that require minimal training to collect geo-referenced photos. In the past, a tool set for geospatially referencing photos would require an assortment of hardware and GIS know-how. With our GeoSnap bundle, we combine an affordable recreation GPS/camera with our robust software to simplify GIS photo capture.

Use GeoSnap with ArcGIS or Google Earth

Let the GeoSnap photo inventory tool automatically feed all of your rich visual data to ArcGIS or Google Earth! The process is straightforward to create GIS files for ArcGIS and Google Earth within the GeoSnap software. After collecting pictures and locations with your GPS – simply connect your device to a computer and let the software process your files with just a few clicks.