GeoBullseye™ - GeoMobile High Accuracy RTK GPS/GNSS Solutions

GeoMobile’s GeoBullseye™ family of products is a suite of high accuracy GNSS tools including precise GNSS/GPS RTK hardware, robust software extensions, and developer kits (SDK and APIs). The GeoBullseye family is supported by GeoMobile’s extensive GNSS to Mobile GIS experience and knowledge base. Critical GNSS mapping and navigation applications demand more than just high accuracy devices, they demand confidence in results and traceable metrics. If your Mobile GIS project requires high accuracy GNSS real-time positioning and the tools to defend your collection results, please look at what GeoMobile offers or call us for a free conversation and introductory consultation. Contact GeoMobile to discuss your questions and special requirements.

GeoBullseye Solutions:

GeoBullseye GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology

GeoBullseye GNSS portfolio

GeoMobile GNSS receiver portfolio includes “all in one” integrated devices or modular offerings allowing you to bring your own device (BYOD) . We provide sub-meter to centimeter RTK accuracy options for working with all major mobile OS including iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Mobile. If you are searching for high accuracy GNSS solutions for working with ESRI Mobile GIS applications including Collector, ArcPad, ArcGIS Mobile as well as other third party and custom software then contact the experts at GeoMobile to discuss your potential configurations.

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Android Man GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology

GeoBullseye API for Android - For Developers – 14 parameter datum transformation

The GeoBullseye API for Android is a software developer’s tool. Critical for applications requiring accurate real-time location data, this API engine effectively transforms incoming ITRF08/WGS84 GPS/GNSS data to NAD83 (2011) using a rigorous 14 parameter transform supported by National Geodetic Survey. The GeoBullseye API for Android solves the horizontal datum transformation challenge faced by GPS users of public SBAS (WAAS, etc..) as well as high precision, commercial SBAS services like Omnistar, Terrastar and Surefire. To implement this key datum transformation into your Android application, contact GeoMobile for more information.

iosApple icon  GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology

iSXBlue SDK for iOS – For Developers – make your App “GPS Aware”

Seamless connection of precise sub-meter and centimeter RTK receivers to Apple iOS hardware is now a reality with devices such as the i-SXBlue-II GNSS and i-SXBlue-III GNSS. But beyond just giving you a more accurate latitude/longitude position, you need your iOS App to be “GPS Aware” and provide the user the key GNSS feedback they require. If you are a developer (or even end user consumer) of iOS apps requiring high precision GNSS, contact GeoMobile about bringing GPS Awareness using the iOS SDK.