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We grow forests, not just trees

Since 1936, Starker Forests has been managing Oregon forest land and trees. Family owned and operated they manage 80,000 acres of forests for timber production. Starker Forests grows a variety of trees including: Douglas-fir, grand fir, western red cedar, western hemlock, sitka spruce, noble fir, ponderosa pine, Oregon ash, bigleaf maple, red alder, cherry, chinquapin, and cottonwood. Overseeing their lands requires understanding the condition and potential to maximize timber and tree health. Starker Forests plants trees, maintains plantations, thins stands, and hires contractors to harvest the trees. As advances in forestry continue, Starker Forests has progressed with the available technologies by upgrading their equipment hardware to be able to collect high quality data on their lands with more confidence. Because of this they continue to be unrivaled in terms of forest resource stewardship.

Company Profile

Driven by world-class forestry education and being a leader in forest resource stewardship, Starker Forests focuses on the highest-quality timber production in the Pacific Northwest.

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User Story Highlights

  • Increased productivity of field data collectors by upgrading equipment and technologies
  • Created a valuable local relationship for continued support services
  • Improved data confidence with in-the-field data confirmation
  • Significant money and resources saved with increased data accuracy

Enhanced production while using cutting edge technology in the field

One way that they have improved their collected forest data is by working with local mobile technology experts, GeoMobile Innovations. With GeoMobile’s help they have updated their GPS (location data) collection strategies from pencil, paper, and stretching measuring tapes to rugged GPS collection in one device.

“Upgrading to the Geo7X has been great! Comparing the old ways to now there is much less hassle. We’ve gone from cabled antennas in backpacks to this wireless setup. Our workflow now is reliable, durable, and eases the job, which overall saves time.”
- Jennifer Beathe, Starker Forests

The benefits of increasing the efficiencies of GPS and field data collection trickle throughout the company. The improved precision of Starker Forests location data creates higher quality records such as: tree attributes, road locations, and site preparation material needs (seedling and fertilizer quantities). GIS products showing stand, clear cut, and thinning sizes are also more accurate. Other pluses to updating their mobile GPS collection hardware and software are being able to show background layers of their work sites on the mobile device and being able to confirm incoming data while still in the field. Experts helping Experts excel to their potential

Logging in Benton County Oregon Starker Forest Geomobile InnovationsGeoMobile Innovations’ expertise in mobile data collection helped lead Starker Forests to choose the most suitable equipment for their work environment. Assessing the significance of having accurate GPS location data in their forests – on steep slopes, down in valleys, and under canopy and crown cover – GeoMobile provides unique hardware and support services.

“Our relationship with GeoMobile has always been a positive one. They are dependable and being local they are a ‘first stop’. In addition to being available to answer any questions – they are able facilitate all hardware and software setup processes.”
- Jennifer Beathe, Starker Forests

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