GeoMobile Case Studies

Invasive Spartina Project

Spartina Grass field work using GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology

Case Study Highlights

  • Built custom workflows that enhanced out-of-the-box functions of ArcGIS software
  • Saved time and money by creating easy to use software workflows for field crews
  • Reduced lost data and data errors with custom validations and rules during data collection

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Streaked Horn Lark

Streaked Horn Lark males monitored using GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology

Case Study Highlights

  • Increased data collection efficiency and survey location data confidence by upgrading field equipment and technologies.
  • Collected conservation biology data to build knowledge of a threatened species.
  • Developed a workflow to mitigate species disturbance while collecting data in the field.
  • Saved significant time and resources by using advanced industry hardware and software.

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Starker Forests

Logging in Benton County Oregon Starker Forest Geomobile Innovations

Case Study Highlights:

  • Increased productivity of on-the-ground data collectors by upgrading equipment and technologies
  • Created a valuable local relationship for continued support services
  • Improved data confidence with in-the-field data confirmation
  • Significant money and resources saved with increased data accuracy

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Northwest Habitat Institute (NWHI)

Northwest Habitat Institute research conducted using GeoMobile Innovations GPS GNS technology

The Northwest Habitat Institute (NWHI), a non-profit scientific organization, required an in-field data entry solution for their desktop vegetation management database. GeoMobile Innovations developed a mobile solution that allows the organization’s site data to be harvested and verified directly in the field at the time it is collected.

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