Connected, Disconnected, or Occasionally Connected.... which workflow is best for me?

Posted On: January 15

Connected, Disconnected, or Occasionally Connected — You’ve likely heard these terms before – what do they actually mean?

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Windows Mobile - Gone but not forgotten... or forgotten but not gone?

Posted On: December 8

Microsoft shifted gears with its mobile strategy several years ago, and made a play on the smartphone market with Windows Phone. During this strategic shift, Microsoft introduced a new “flavor” of the WM operating system, called Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 (WEHH 6.5).

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Capturing accurate orthometric (MSL) heights with your Mobile GIS software

Posted On: November 30

High-precision datum transformations available in most Mobile GIS software applications handle the horizontal component of the position (or real-time correction services handle the horizontal transformation before transmitting corrections).

But what are we to do about the elevation component?

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Sync from the field with ArcPad and ArcGIS Online using a File Geodatabase

Posted On: November 20

This workflow allows you to check out file Geodatabase data to the field with ArcPad and synchronize your field edits over the air. Synchronization can occur from the field as often as desired, when internet connectivity is available.

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Welcome to the GeoMobile Blog

Posted On: November 19

Welcome to the new GeoMobile blog!

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